Managing your pharmacy: the business essentials (full program)

Do you own or manage a pharmacy? Do you want to? Learn about pharmacy management theory and how to apply it to your daytoday operations.   



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Pharmacy management requires that you wear multiple hats. If you own or manage a pharmacy, this course guides and helps you learn the skills you need to effectively run your business. You will learn how to apply business and management theory to your day-to-day pharmacy operations.

If you are interested in starting or managing your own pharmacy, you will learn the key skills and knowledge required to operate your business. The goal is to prepare and provide you with a toolkit you can use when developing your business plan.

This course is based on the teachings found in the Pharmacy Management in Canada textbook. Written by pharmacy industry leaders, these teachings will help you develop the skills you need to be successful in either running your pharmacy or starting your practice.

This course includes a number of modules. If you are interested in just one module, you can register for that module individually.

Learning objectives:

  • Open, operate or manage a community pharmacy if you do not own a pharmacy business already.
  • Improve your management and operation skills.

Course outline:

  • So, you want to own or manage a pharmacy: Where to start?
  • Running a tight ship: Pharmacy operations
  • The bottom line: Financial management
  • Your pharmacy team: Human resource management
  • Using marketing and communications to optimize your practice
  • Delivering patient-focused services: Meeting the needs of your patients
  • From strategic game plan to formal business plan
  • Multiple-choice exam for each module
  • Program evaluation

Course at a glance:

Who should take this course:

Practising pharmacists, international pharmacy graduates, pharmacy students, pharmacy owners and managers who are interested in or intending to open, operate or manage a community pharmacy or are already doing so.

Development Team: