Refund and Cancellation Policies


Memberships may be cancelled at any time by the member; however, membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. All requests for cancellations must be made in writing. 

Requests made within 10 calendar days of purchase will be considered for a refund at the discretion of OPA.  Within one calendar day, a 5% cancellation fee will be applied, and the rest will be refunded. Past one calendar day and up to 10 calendar days, a 25% cancellation fee will be applied, and the rest will be refunded.  

When membership cancellation is initiated by OPA, a 5% administration fee may be charged at the discretion of OPA, and the remainder of the membership year will be refunded.

Professional Liability Insurance

The leading insurance products provided by OPA, including Professional Liability Insurance, are group policies and a membership benefit only available for members. The insurance program does not accept insurance coverage without an OPA membership. 

PLI may be cancelled at any time by the member. Requests should be made in writing. 

If a request is made within 10 calendar days of purchase and the member has no access to the insurance certificate, the administration fee will be waived, and PLI will be refunded. 

  • When a member has access to the certificate, a refund will be calculated based on a short-rate cancellation table from the insurer in addition to a processing fee of $25.00 + HST. 

If the request is made after 10 calendar days, an administration fee of $25 + HST will be levied. A refund will be calculated based on a short-rate cancellation table from the insurer. 

When PLI cancellation is initiated by OPA as a result of membership cancellation, the same PLI cancellation rules apply. 

Professional Development Courses

Requests for a refund for professional development courses will be considered as long as the course has not been accessed through OPA’s learning management system. All requests for cancellations must be made in writing. Submit your request to  [email protected]. 

Requests made within 24 hours will be refunded, subject to a 5% cancellation fee. Requests after 24 hours will be refunded, subject to a 25% cancellation fee.  

Some courses are not subject to this cancellation policy, which is outlined on the course registration page. Please review the course registration page for details. 

Registrations are non-transferable unless specified in the program description.

Professional Development Voucher

Owners Bundle members receive 2 x $50 Professional Development vouchers ($100 in total). These voucher MAY NOT be used towards Minor Ailments course purchase. 

Membership Communications

By purchasing an OPA membership, you agree to receive communications from the Association, some of which may be commercial.  You may manage your email preferences or opt-out out of receiving emails by updating your website profile or by contacting OPA at [email protected]. 

Auto-Renewal Terms & Conditions

If you’re in the following categories, your membership and PLI, if purchased, will be automatically renewed for the following membership year. To opt-out, you may do so by selecting “No” at the time of purchase. You also have the option to revise your selection in your website profile or by contacting OPA at [email protected]. 

The categories are: 

  • Pharmacist – Staff/Relief Membership 
  • Pharmacist – Other Membership 
  • Owners and Managers – Pharmacist 
  • Owners and Managers – Owners Bundle 
  • Technicians and Assistants – Technician 

Auto-renewal may be expanded to other membership categories in the future.

RxTalks Refund and Cancellation Policy 

All Ticket Categories 

  1. All cancellation and refund requests must be submitted to OPA in writing at [email protected].
  2. OPA will not issue credits, refunds or cancellation of any ticket purchased after the deadline dates listed below.
    • Registration may be transferred to another individual and is subject to a $75 administrative fee. It is the responsibility of the original registrant to arrange and communicate the details to OPA 15 business days before the event date, by submitting the details in writing to [email protected]. The invoice for the new registration will be revised by OPA to reflect the new registrant’s membership status. The new registrant must be within the same membership category as the original registrant.
    • Attendees who do not attend meals, receptions, or coffee breaks included in the registration fee will not receive a refund equivalent to the cost of the meals. There will be no refunds on the social/special event tickets. 
    • OPA will provide registrants with the option of doing one of the following if the in-person event must be canceled for unforeseen circumstances:
      • OPA to keep a credit on the registrant’s membership profile for future use toward another in-person event or virtual event – if the event must be held virtually, for up to one (1) year; or
      • OPA will provide a refund to the registrant for the full ticket cost that was originally purchased.
  3. Refund and/or Cancellation Deadlines:
    • RxTalks registrations cancelled on or before November 7th, 2023, will receive a 35% refund, plus a $75 administrative fee.
    • RxTalks registrations cancelled between November 8th – December 8th, 2023, will receive a refund of 50% of the ticket cost and are subject to a $75 administration fee. 
    • RxTalks registrations cancelled after December 8th, 2023, are not eligible for a refund/cancellation.
  4. Any/all refunds will be provided 30 days after the conference and after approval of the written cancellation request. The refund will be made using the same payment method used for the registration. 

Unforeseen Circumstances Defined for Refund and Cancellation Policies 

Unforeseen circumstances are used to describe an event that is unexpected and prevents OPA from continuing with an event, training, or webinar. Examples of such circumstances can include, but are not limited to, inclement weather or other natural disasters, site unavailability, technical challenges, government lockdowns, etc. 

PD Subscriptions

RxTalks registrations purchased by Professional Development (PD) Subscription holders are subject to the RxTalks Refund and Cancellation Policies above.  

Please email us for more information regarding refunds/cancellations to [email protected].

Last updated: October 2023