Managing Your Pharmacy: Module 4 – Human Resources

This 6-part module covers all aspects of your most important resource: your pharmacy team! Learn about HR in general, how to create a desirable workplace, and all aspects of staffing from developing job descriptions to recruiting to conflict resolution.


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This course is Module 4 of the Managing Your Pharmacy: The Business Essentials program. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the definition of HR management and be able to explain its importance to pharmacy
  • Identify factors related to the achievement of effective HR management
  • Understand the different roles, responsibilities and activities of HR management a manager or owner must effectively manage as part of their pharmacy operations
  • Describe a desirable workplace and why it is important; outline the criteria and process required to create a desirable pharmacy workplace
  • Describe the elements of effective communication; employ tools and techniques that help create a desirable workplace including the impact that empowerment has on staff morale
  • Explain the attributes of a good manager and a good leader; identify the impact of different management and leadership styles
  • Describe tools and techniques for effective delegation and effective time management
  • Describe the process for effective staffing, including the creation and implementation of job descriptions as well as the process for meeting scheduling requirements
  • Describe the importance of change as well as the process to manage change
  • Explain the benefits of a structured plan for the recruitment and retention of qualified staff, and describe the five steps involved in the screening process
  • Explain the pre-interview, interview and post-interview activities
  • Identify what is included in an effective orientation/onboarding plan and list the five-step procedure for training new staff members
  • Explain the importance of performance management; outline the objectives and typical agenda items of a productive annual performance review
  • Describe different performance conversations including those related to performance feedback, the process for coaching employees and the process of progressive discipline
  • Describe the wage administration process and its role in performance management
  • Define conflict; identify its causes, the role of the manager/owner in resolving conflict and the approach to take in managing conflict
  • Identify and describe important employment and labour legislation relating to HR management; explain how it pertains to and impacts the management of a pharmacy-related workplace, and identify how to operate a pharmacy while abiding by the legislation
  • Identify the role of employment contracts and what they should include
  • Explain how to manage difficult employee situations such as terminations, while abiding with the legislation
  • Describe unionized workplaces in Canada, the bargaining and creation of collective agreements, how they are different from non-unionized workplaces and how the provisions of the collective agreement apply to the management of the pharmacy environment

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Course outline:

  • Part 1:
    Introduction to Human Resources
  • Part 2:
    Creating and Managing a Desirable Workplace
  • Part 3:
    Staff Job Descriptions, Scheduling and Managing Change
  • Part 4:
    Screening, Hiring, Orientation and Training
  • Part 5:
    Performance Management, Progressive Discipline and Conflict Management
  • Part 6:
    Legal Considerations in Employment and Labour Law

Course at a glance:

Who should take this course:

This program is excellent for practising pharmacists, international pharmacy graduates, pharmacy students, pharmacy owners and managers who are interested in or intending to open, operate or manage a community pharmacy or who are already doing so and wish to improve their management and operation skills. 

Development Team: