Managing Your Pharmacy: Module 2 – Operations


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This course is Module 2 of the Managing Your Pharmacy: The Business Essentials program. 

Learning objectives:

  • Describe best practices associated with the physical design and layout of a pharmacy dispensary
  • Outline how to incorporate safe and efficient dispensing practices with patient-focused clinical services
  • Evaluate different operational approaches to the provision of products and services in a community pharmacy setting
  • Describe and interpret regulatory and typical contractual obligations that apply to community pharmacy practice
  • Analyze inventory management practices and their impact on both the provision of care to patients and the financial implications on a community practice
  • Identify the different types of risk that pharmacies and pharmacists are exposed to within a community pharmacy practice
  • Analyze different risk management strategies that can be used within a community pharmacy practice
  • Describe the various types of insurance that a community pharmacy practice may utilize as part of its overall risk management strategy
  • Identify common causes of medication incidents within community pharmacy practice
  • Outline how a continuous quality improvement program can be utilized to improve patient safety and facilitate high quality pharmacy care

Course outline:

  • Part 1:
  • Part 2:
    Protection from Risk and Loss
  • Part 3:
    Continuous Quality Improvement

Course at a glance:

Who should take this course:

This program is excellent for practising pharmacists, international pharmacy graduates, pharmacy students, pharmacy owners and managers who are interested in or intending to open, operate or manage a community pharmacy or who are already doing so and wish to improve their management and operation skills. 

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