Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) 

Leading insurance experts developed our PLI in consultation with pharmacy professionals to ensure it meets the specific needs of our members. We offer outstanding coverage by reputable insurers to protect you from liabilities associated with your professional duties.  

Did you know?   

The Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) mandates that all registrants engaged in pharmacy practice, including Students, Interns, Pharmacists (in Part A) and Pharmacy Technicians, are required to maintain personal, professional liability insurance coverage.   

Why is OPA's Professional Liability Insurance Best In-Class?

Tribunal Defence Costs

Options are inclusive of $50,000 to cover legal expenses incurred if you are required to appear before the Ontario College of Pharmacy Disciplinary Committee. Higher amount is available for an additional fee. Deductible applies. 


OPA’s Insurance Committee oversees the Association’s Insurance Program for the benefit of members, their property and the protection of patients. 

Criminal Action Extension

Provides reimbursement for “legal defence costs” of the “insured” to defend any criminal proceedings arising out of a “wrongful act” in the event of a determination of “not guilty” in favour of the “insured.” 

Scope of Practice

Automatically covers any changes in scope of practice at no extra costs immediately after approval by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. 

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