Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmacy profession is rapidly evolving at the forefront of health care. Pharmacy teams play a significant, growing role in caring for patients. The implementation of minor ailments prescribing is a major milestone and OPA is here to prepare and support you throughout the process.  

Joining OPA helps you be part of the greater pharmacy community, which is key to levelling up your career. Membership gives you access to a wide range of insurance plans, member benefits, and professional development programs. You also gain a strong voice in advocacy efforts —which ultimately makes a difference for the pharmacy profession and patients. As a member of OPA, you have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the pharmacy profession while accessing tools and resources that empower you to succeed.  

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Over the last decade, OPA has advocated for minor ailments prescribing. Effective January 1, 2023, this change will  improve patient care and raise the profile of the pharmacy profession. Collectively, OPA members strengthen advocacy efforts and make the voice of pharmacy stronger.

Professional Development

OPA’s PD offerings boost your confidence to deliver exceptional patient care. Developed by distinguished pharmacy educators, our live webinars, online programs and in-person events, make high-quality pharmacy education readily available. Members receive exclusive discounts.


OPA’s insurance products are carefully designed for the specific needs of pharmacy professionals. OPA provides competitive group rates on life insurance, living benefits, auto and home insurance, travel insurance and more. OPA’s leading PLI automatically covers any changes in the scope of practice.

Member Savings

As an OPA member, you gain an exclusive selection of benefits that support your practice and add enjoyment to your leisure time. OPA partners with leading organizations, so you can conveniently take advantage of special offers and customized discounts.

Choose Your Membership Category

You may choose this category if you are a pharmacist in Part A or Part B in Ontario and are a:

  • Staff/Relief pharmacist working in community
  • New practitioner in the first four years of your pharmacy career (eligible for affordable, tiered pricing)
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist working in government, college, professional association, industry, academia etc.)

Pharmacists 65+ have the option to select the Supporting category below.

You may choose this category if you are a pharmacist in Part A or Part B in Ontario AND you are a community pharmacy owner or work as a manager in a pharmacy setting (except in hospital). 

  • Owners or Managers who are still new practitioners (in the first four years of their pharmacy career) may choose Pharmacist Category for affordable, tiered pricing. 
  • Owners or Managers who are 65+ have the option to select the Supporting category below.
  • OPA offers a range of valuable benefits for pharmacy owners that are only available as part of Owners Bundle.

You may choose this category if you are a registered pharmacy technician, pharmacy assistant or registered technician student.

You may choose this category if you are a pharmacy undergraduate student, intern, resident, IPG student or postgraduate student. 

You may choose this category if you are a:

  • Pharmacist in Part A or Part B in Ontario and are 65+ years of age 
  • Pharmacist practicing outside of Ontario
  • Resigned or on LTD benefits
  • Non-pharmacist

Our 2023 Membership Campaign is underway, and we’re excitedly preparing for the minor ailments regulatory changes on January 1. Amidst all this activity, we’re doing our utmost to respond to you promptly, typically within 3-5 business days. We encourage you to email your inquiry to [email protected] as an additional response option.