OPA’s Guide to Pharmacy Safety: Increase Safety Measures and Take Preventative Actions

Pharmacy safety and security are of the utmost importance to protect staff and patients, as well as to minimize the diversion of controlled substances. In this course discover tips, insights, and case studies that help reduce the risks of theft and actionable steps to keep your pharmacy safe.  




Pharmacy robberies can be devastating, not only to the business but also for the community that relies on its services. It’s important to be proactive to keep your pharmacy, staff, and patients as safe as possible. All pharmacy staff should be aware of the risks and threats that exist for pharmacies so they can work on preventing them. In this course, you’ll learn how to incorporate safety elements and tools into your pharmacy workflows in order to reduce the risks of theft. Developed with information from pharmacists, law enforcement officers, and insurance experts this course is a highly valuable resource for all pharmacy staff and owners. 

Course Contents: 

Pharmacy Robbery and Theft Risk Management Webinar  

Few events can be as disruptive and traumatizing as pharmacy robbery or theft. While they pose a threat to operations and personnel, they also create financial loss and profitability issues. Experts from HUB’s Risk Services Division discuss trending threat vectors and elements of a comprehensive approach to managing this complex risk. 

Keeping Your Pharmacy and Staff Safe from Robberies Webinar  

Discover comprehensive insights on how to identify potential threats, tips for staff training, and approaches to handling threats. Presenters also discuss the importance of preventing and managing pharmacy robberies in relation to controlled substances and narcotics. Additionally, case studies provide detailed examinations within a real-world context.  

Pharmacy Safety Toolkit 

OPA has developed this Pharmacy Safety and Security Toolkit to support pharmacy professionals and help keep them safe in their practices. This toolkit includes a pharmacy safety and security checklist, tips on how to react during and after a pharmacy robbery, and information on time-delayed safes in community pharmacies.