Empowering Pharmacy Technicians: Strategies for Success

This course helps Registered Pharmacy Technicians gain the expertise and confidence to fully utilize their skills, enhance patient care and optimize pharmacy operations. 

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This course highlights the valuable role of Registered Pharmacy Technicians (RPhTs) and outlines how RPhTs can fully practice within their scope and enhance patient care. Using case studies, knowledge checks and practical applications, RPhTs will expand their knowledge of how to enhance operations and efficiency within a pharmacy. This program also teaches the skills to identify patients who would benefit from professional services such as MedsChecks, vaccination eligibility assessments, management of minor ailments, travel consultations and smoking cessation support. Also, discover how to optimize pharmacy workflows by actively gathering patient information, educating patients on medication management and health promotion and assisting with the implementation of various pharmacy programs. This course is ideal for RPhTs seeking to grow in their careers or pharmacy owners who want to better leverage the skills and knowledge of RPhTs. 

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Outline the requirements for becoming a Registered Pharmacy Technician, including education, training and licensing.   
  • Explain the activities that Registered Pharmacy Technicians can perform within their scope of practice in Ontario.  
  • Describe the activities that are outside of Registered Pharmacy Technicians’ scope of practice in Ontario.   
  • Identify ways in which Pharmacy Technicians can support clinical activities, including taking medication histories, supporting injections and supporting prescribing for minor ailments.   
  • Understand how Pharmacy Technicians can enhance pharmacy operations and workflows 

Course Outline:

Empowering Pharmacy Technicians: Strategies for Success (learning module, 30 minutes)

  • Part 1 – What is the Scope of the Pharmacy Technician?
  • Part 2 – Supporting Pharmacy Services 
  • Part 3 – Patient Cases
  • Part 4 – Knowledge Check  

Collaborating with Pharmacy Technicians (video discussion, 30 minutes) 

Program Evaluation 

Course at a Glance:

Who Should Take This Course:

Ideal for RPhTs aspiring to advance their careers or pharmacy owners or managers aiming to maximize the potential of their team. 

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