OPA Oath of the Pharmacy Professional

As an Ontario pharmacy professional, I pledge to act and be guided in all dimensions of my life, both personally and professionally, by the highest standards of human conduct and to uphold the dignity of my chosen profession.

In fulfilling my professional promise to my patients and to society, I solemnly accept the following ethical principles of healthcare:

  • My primary role and function is to benefit the patients I serve. I shall apply the full measure of my knowledge and abilities to supporting the health and well-being of all those I serve.
  • In this capacity, and to the best of my abilities, I shall endeavour to practice collaboratively with health professionals in my environment for the benefit of the patients we collectively serve.
  • With my commitment to serve and protect the best interests of my patients, I will be diligent in my efforts to do no harm and, whenever possible, prevent harm from occurring.
  • I acknowledge that all persons, by virtue of their intrinsic humanity, are worthy of my respect, compassion and consideration. I shall treat all those I serve equally, fairly and with respect, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or political beliefs.
  • I accept my responsibility as a fiduciary of the public trust and shall protect the confidentiality of personal and health information entrusted to me. Throughout my professional endeavours, I pledge to keep my promise to my patients and society to always act in their best interests and not my own.
  • I accept my responsibility and obligation to maintain my professional knowledge and competence throughout my career and shall support the advancement of knowledge and standards of practice in pharmacy, including the nurturing and preparation of future members of my profession.
  • In taking this solemn oath, I honour those who have supported my development as a pharmacy professional and commit myself never to act in a manner that is contrary to these vows.