Collaborating with Family Physicians: the Rx for Success

Learn how to build strong relationships and work collaboratively with family physicians to improve and better manage patient care.


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Pharmacists and physicians play a critical role in patient care. Collaboration between the two healthcare providers is essential in improving health outcomes and preventing adverse drug events.

The prescription of medications requires monitoring, medication adherence, managing side effects, dosage adjustments, and much more. Collaboration between pharmacists and physicians helps the patient first, and ensures they are receiving optimal care when it comes to drug therapy treatment and management.

This online course is focused on the experience of pharmacist Roland Halil (course presenter), who has built strong, collaborative relationships with family physicians and has seen firsthand how this strategy has improved health outcomes and prevented adverse events for patients.

Roland demonstrates how putting effort into creating successful working relationships with family doctors, residents and nurse practitioners has provided mutually beneficial results. He shares various strategies and theories that other pharmacists can use to build similar relationships. Working together means providing patients with timely treatment, accessibility to medications, better prescription of medication and better overall health.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the benefits of a collaborative relationship between physicians and pharmacists in relation to better prescribing of medication.
  • Coach family physicians through the act of prescribing.
  • Describe some of the traits family physicians find desirable in collaborative teammates.

Course outline:

  • Online Module
  • Multiple-choice Exam
  • Program Evaluation

Course at a glance:

Who should take this course:

This online professional development course is designed to support pharmacists in building collaborative working relationships with family physicians to improve patient care.

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