Together we can navigate the changes that our industry is facing.

Today’s pharmacist is facing a rapidly changing practice environment — from tougher economics on drug distribution and dispensing, to rapidly expanding opportunities to provide more of the direct patient care that both payors and patients want and need. That’s why OPA needs pharmacy owners at the table to help us.

To date, more than 100 independent and 10 chains/banner caucus members have joined the Owners Advisory Council. Their mandate: advise the Board on matters related to pharmacy economics, to direct economic-related research and policy work done by OPA staff.

Responsibilities of Owners Advisory Council members.

The members of OPA’s Owners Advisory Council:

  • Will be responsive to the issues of the day
  • Will anticipate emerging and future issues, and will recommend plans to address them
  • Will build on the strength and trust of other pharmacy owners organizations
  • Will have effective two way communication with the OPA Board through OPA Board members selected by the Council
  • Will bring issues (with recommended solutions and actions) to the OPA Board agenda as it sees the need

Email OPA for more information on the Owners Advisory Council.