While many healthcare providers are working virtually or in some cases have closed their offices, pharmacy professionals remain the most accessible healthcare providers, working tirelessly in the frontlines to protect Ontarians in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

OPA has been working hard to find our members sources of PPE in the absence of government-supplied products. We are pleased to inform all Ontario pharmacies of our partnerships with RONCO Safety, a Canadian manufacturer and distributor, and Safe Direct, a Canadian supplier, of personal protective equipment (PPE) for pharmacy professionals and other healthcare providers who require head, hand or body protection.

We have struck these two partnerships so that you:

  1. Have more pricing and delivery options available to you.
  2. Can access a wider range of products.
  3. And maintain access to important PPE products in case certain items are sold out or unavailable through one vendor.

Please note that all imported masks, respirators and face shields are GST/HST exempt effective Dec. 26, 2020.

  • Open to all Ontario pharmacies
  • Manufactures and sells direct to pharmacies
  • Products are made in Canada
  • New lower prices
  • Now offering N95 masks and safety goggles in addition to surgical masks, gowns, gloves, and face shields
  • Available to OPA members only
  • 3-5 day delivery in Canada, straight to pharmacy/ home
  • Offers N95s, disinfectant wipes, gowns in addition to all types of PPE

Please note that global shortages and increasing demand for PPE has created huge volatility in the market. Due to this demand, product prices may change with no notice.