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Relief Buddy

Relief Buddy is a real-time staffing app that connects pharmacy professionals with relief opportunities. Whether you are a pharmacist, technician, assistant or student looking for relief opportunities or an employer seeking qualified candidates to keep your business operational, Relief Buddy is a convenient, mobile-first service that can assist you.

As an exclusive offer to OPA members Relief Buddy will waive 25% of their administration fees and pass it on to the members who pick up relief shifts through their app.

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HR Assist™

Get real-time support from human resource experts. HR Assist™ ensures you get expert advice and information on matters relating to hiring, terminations, conflict resolution, health and safety, contract negotiations, and more. 

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Audit Assist™

Audit Assist™ gives you peace of mind knowing you have access to timely, expert advice and support on topics related to third-party audits and pharmacy inspections.

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