OPA education policy on learner participant discipline, complaints and privacy

Lifelong learning is a key component to the maintenance of competence and continuous professional development.  The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) strives to provide learning opportunities that address both the current and future education needs of pharmacists and collaborating healthcare professionals.

Learner’s code of conduct

In order to maintain a respectful and productive learning environment, OPA expects all education program learners, attendees, and participants to follow its guidelines for discipline and conduct. 

  1. Learners will have the responsibility to be actively engaged and self-motivated in their pursuit of learning and professional development. They will make best efforts to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills as set out by a program’s identified learning outcomes and as presented in program materials. 
  2. Learners will ensure that their behaviour is respectful of others and supportive of the program’s learning objectives at all times. Participants are expected to refrain from using program forums to promote their personal social, political, religious or commercial agendas.  The distribution and use of program contents and participant lists beyond one’s personal use or without OPA’s written consent are prohibited.
  3. Learners will complete their programs with self-discipline, honesty and integrity. Participants agree to complete readings, assignments, exams and other assessment exercises through their own efforts, not through the efforts or actions of another individual. Participants agree that their acceptance of a certificate of completion is their confirmation that they have completed all the requirements to receive the certificate, as described and advertised in the program information.

The code of conduct applies in both classroom settings and online environments.  Learners who do not abide by the guidelines may be removed from a program and/or have any related certificates and continuing education credits retracted.


Protecting your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Some information you provide to OPA in program registration forms and exercises may be considered personal information. The Association collects, uses and shares the information contained in program registration forms and exercises for the sole purposes of processing your registration, issuing certificates of completion, awarding continuing education credits and delivering OPA services, programs and publications to you. 

Suggestions and feedback

A person or organization that has a suggestion or concern related to the content or delivery of an education program may submit their input to the Education Manager. Comments should be communicated in writing and include the name and contact information of the individual submitting the feedback.  Suggestions and concerns will be reviewed and a response will be provided in a fair and timely manner.