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Pharmacists are a trusted, knowledgeable resource when you have questions about common health concerns or medications. 

The Ontario Pharmacists Association has gathered resources to help answer your questions about everyday conditions. Don’t see what you need? Visit your local pharmacist for help.

Please note: The information provided on this site is not intended to replace a consultation with your pharmacist or physician. If you have questions about your medication(s), or are experiencing a health concern, please talk to your pharmacist.

Tip sheet topics:

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Out of the Medicine Cabinet
We all know that the medication that we take every day to treat or prevent an illness must be kept in a safe place away from children.  But did you know that this rule also applies to our pets?

Tips for Giving Antibiotics to Kids
If your child has an infection and is refusing to take their antibiotic, the situation can seem hopeless, but there are a few things you can try to help the medicine go down.

Tips for Patients on Medications and Heat
The hot, humid days of summer are here! Did you know that some medications, when combined with increased heat exposure, can lead to unwanted health effects such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke? Here are some tips for protecting yourself during the summer months.

Tips on Managing Asthma
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways - it doesn’t have a cure, but it can be treated and prevented. Here are some steps to take to ensure you take control of your asthma.

Top Three Things You Should Know About (the Safe Use of) Acetaminophen
Acetaminophen is a safe and effective medication used to reduce fever and to treat pain, such as headaches, arthritis, and menstrual cramps. Here are three things you should know when using acetaminophen:

Pharmacist Awareness Month: Learn About the New Services Ontario Pharmacists Provide
Pharmacists can now provide a variety of professional services to help you. In light of Pharmacist Awareness Month, we are showcasing a few of the new services Ontario pharmacists can provide.

Tips for Patients on Heart Medications
Some helpful tips to help you manage your condition and medications, especially if you're taking more than one at a time.

Five Common Health Concerns During the Winter Season
With the winter season upon us, there are some common health concerns that need treatment and our friendly neighbourhood pharmacist is a great resource to give us advice.

Top 5 Tips for Battling the Flu
So you’ve caught a virus and you’re feeling sick. It feels like the flu. What do you do now to recover and avoid infecting others?

Top 5 Common Ailments of Summer and How to Deal with Them
Tips for treating a few of the most commong conditions that we undergo during the hot weather.

Children’s medicine: Dosing, administration, adherence and storage
Tips for administering medications to children

Travelling with Medications Made Easy
A few tips to help make sure you look after your medications prior to travelling.

Ways to help you stick to your medication regimen
How to overcome challenges that may arise while trying to stick to a medication regimen. 

10 Tips for Better Mental Health
Read a few simple simple steps to help you keep mentally fit. 

Tips on Dealing With Itchy Skin
Find out the cause of itchy skin and how to deal with it. 

Pharmacist Clinic Days – What Your Pharmacy Offers
Find out the different types of clinics your pharmacy offers all year round. 

Using Antibiotics Appropriately
Tips on how to use antibiotics appropriately in order to make sure that they remain effective.

How to Avoid Drug-Alcohol Interactions
Tips on how to stay safe during the holidays and avoice drug-alcohol interactions.

Foot Care for People With Diabetes
Tips for those living with diabetes on how to care for their feet.

Tips on living with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Tips to help the child step on the road to recovery and improve their quality of life.

Tips on Self-Medication
Tips on when to self-medicate and when to seek medical care. 

Tips for Proper Storage of Medications
Important tips  to keep in mind with medication storage - where you store your medication can affect its potency and safety. 

Myths and Facts about Antipsychotic Medications
To help you get the correct information about antipsychotic medications, please read these common myths and facts.  

Avoiding interactions when using herbal supplements
Here are a few of the most common herbal supplements, and some important precautions to keep in mind. 

Pharmacist Awareness Month: Get to Know the Different Roles Pharmacists Play
March is Pharmacist Awareness Month! In the spirit of this month, we are showcasing a few of the many roles pharmacists play in different practice settings. 

Blood Pressure Monitoring Tips
Tips on ensuring you get the best possible reading from your monitor, that include; buying a good quality monitor, taking your blood pressure at the right time of day, and keeping a good technique while doing it. 

Smoking Cessation Products 
Information on how much money you could save by if you quit smoking, and a review of the most common products useed for smoking cessation. 

Be Smart with Your Meds: Avoid Alcohol When Taking These Prescriptions
Medications can interact with alcohol, and it’s important to know which medications to watch out for.

10 Services Your Pharmacist Can Offer You
Find out what your pharmacist can do for you – from flu vaccinations to medication reviews.

Protect Your Skin from Photoaging
Learn more about how to protecting your skin from the photoaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Get the Most Out of Your Osteoarthritis Medications
To get the most out of your osteoarthritis medication, here are a few questions and answers that may assist you.

Heart Health
In the spirit of heart health month, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you and your family build a healthy heart.

Storing medications
Learn how heat, sunshine and cold can affect your medications.

Top 5 food and drinks that may affect your medications
Learn about which foods can interact with your medication and health.

Top 10 reasons to get your flu shot from your pharmacist 
Pharmacists are your most trusted professionals - here are the main reasons why you should visit them for your flu shot.

Treat and prevent flu 
What you need to know about treating and preventing influenza.

Treat and prevent sunburn
Find out the best way to treat sunburn, and easy steps you can take to prevent it.

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