Where We’ve BeenWhere We’re Going
Changed policy to expand scope of practice for pharmacistsSecure funding for expansion of scope practices
Reduced proposed government cuts by nearly 50%Pharmacy Agreement to secure sustainable funding model
Restructured MedsCheck programModernization of MedsCheck to allow for greater patient/pharmacist interaction
Ad hoc negotiations with government stakeholdersFormal engagement process to ensure pharmacy interests in healthcare
Raised the cap on ordinary commercial term payments from 10% to 25%Remove cap on ordinary commercial term payments
Manual reversal of ODB claims within 7 daysExtension of ODB claims reversal to 90 days
Pharmacist-administered flu shots since 2012Inclusion of eligible pharmacists in the administration of high-dose influenza vaccine to patients
Authority to administer immunization against 13 preventable diseases including travel vaccinesAllow pharmacists to administer all immunizations and injectables including prescriptive authority for vaccines
Authority to offer funded smoking cessation counselling and prescribing services to Ontario Drug Benefit patientsExpansion of funding of pharmacy services relating to smoking cessation therapy to all Ontarians
Renew or adapt prescriptions with the exception of narcotics and controlled or targeted drugsEnable pharmacist-authorized tapering of opioids
Perform procedures on tissue below the dermis for purposes of education and demonstrationAllow pharmacists to conduct point of care testing in the monitoring of chronic conditions to help adjust diabetes and coagulation disorders