About OPA

The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) is committed to evolving the pharmacy profession, and advocating for excellence in practice and patient care. In addition to leading initiatives to influence public policy to better leverage the pharmacy sector, OPA supports its members by sponsoring insurance products, developing courses, certificate programs and webinars, annual conference and regional events, professional tools and resources and other membership discounts and benefits.

By leveraging the unique expertise of pharmacy professionals, enabling them to practise to their fullest potential, and making them more accessible to patients, OPA is working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system.


Advance the pharmacy profession as an essential healthcare provider through advocacy, innovation, and support services.


To be the leader in the pharmacy profession focused on health and wellness.

The pharmacy sector plays a strong role in Ontario with an economic impact of more than $6.3 billion across more than 4,500 pharmacies, employing 60,000 Ontarians.

Why Invest In OPA?

As the pandemic and vaccine rollout highlighted the critical role that pharmacy professionals play in Ontario’s healthcare, OPA has been vocal both at the government table and through public campaigns about leveraging the pharmacy sector to create capacity in the healthcare system and better serve patients. When you invest in OPA you get the opportunity to collaborate with OPA’s board of directors and senior leadership team on issues concerning pharmacy and work towards common goals and priorities to advance the profession. Additionally, you have the chance to grow your brand and showcase your products and services to a niche audience of pharmacy professionals. 

Pharmacists distribution in Ontario
Ontario Pharmacists Distribution
OPA Membership distribution in Ontario

Benefits Of Sponsorship


Pharmacy professionals invested
in membership with OPA


Social media followers across
all platforms


Email reach

EPIC Program

EPIC, OPA’s Affiliate Partner Program, is designed to bring together industry leaders, influencers and decision makers in pharmacy to exchange ideas and shape the future of the profession. EPIC members have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events with OPA senior leadership team where they can engage in discussion and work towards common goals and priorities to advance the profession.

The EPIC program is comprised of three key components designed to provide maximum exposure and value to our partners:

  • Shape the future:
    Participate in quarterly meetings with OPA’s board and senior leadership team as well as other industry leaders in the EPIC program
  • Expand awareness:
    Share your products and services across OPA’s various communication channels
  • Transfer knowledge:
    Educate and define the topics that today’s pharmacy professional needs to know by collaborating with OPA
Available opportunities:
Gold Level
  • Invitation to 3 EPIC meet-up events per year
  • Showcasing your company logo on OPA’s website
  • Acknowledging your company through OPA’s social media channels and email communications
  • 4 free OPA Conference tickets 
  • 20% off OPA annual conference tickets
  • Complimentary booth at OPA’s annual conference 
  • Two Free OPA membership for you and a colleague 
Silver Level
  • Invitation to 3 EPIC meet-up events per year
  • Showcasing your company logo on OPA’s website
  • 2 free OPA conference tickets
  • 20% off OPA annual conference tickets
  • One Free OPA membership
Bronze Level
  • Invitation to 3 EPIC meet-up events per year
  • Showcasing your company logo on OPA’s website
  • 20% off OPA annuale conference tickets
  • One Free OPA membership
    Contact us:

    To find out more about OPA’s education sponsorship opportunities contact us at [email protected] 

    Professional Development

    Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) is one of Canada’s leading and largest advocacy and professional development providers for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy owners, and students. The pharmacy sector is quickly evolving. At OPA we are committed to providing our 9,000 members and pharmacy professionals high-standard, valuable and timely educational programs and trainings. The over 60 professional development options consist of a broad range of courses, certificates, live webinars, and presentations. We’ll collaborate with you to find the perfect PD option to communicate your message and generate leads. Regardless of the size of your organization, PD sponsorship is a golden opportunity to engage with and get your brand in front of Ontario’s pharmacy professionals.

    Here are some of our PD programs and participation rates:

    • The Essential Cannabis Knowledge for Pharmacists Certificate Program (in partnership with the University of Waterloo) 12,000 registrations 
    • Take-home Naloxone 5,700+ participants 
    • Injections and Immunizations 3000+ participants 
    • Caring for Trans Patients 250+ participants in less than one month 

    In 2020, OPA received 15,400 registrations for over 50 courses!

      How this will help your brand:
    • Visibility in our email marketing campaigns which have open rates up to 45% 
    • Posts on our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) which has 19,500 + followers 
    • Priority access to other sponsorship opportunities like our annual conference, EPIC affiliate program, and more 
    • Tracking of visitors and impressions on the webpage 
    • Industry insights and the potential to be a changemaker in the pharmacy sector
    Available opportunities:
    The Right Dose

    Live webinar series led by knowledgeable experts and guest speakers which provides leadingedge professional development to Ontario pharmacy professionals.

    Starting from $2500

    Professional Development Programs

    Online tailored sessions, online modules, certificates, hybrid online and in-person training.

    Starting from $2500

      What you will get:
    • Your logo on the program page
    • Your company name and logo in program material (except for CCCEP accredited courses)
    • Sponsorship acknowledgment in OPA’s marketing campaigns to promote the program
    • Sponsorship acknowledgment across OPA’s social media platforms in social graphics when promoting the course
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    To find out more about OPA’s education sponsorship opportunities contact us at [email protected] 

    OPA Conference

    Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) is one of Canada’s leading professional development and advocacy organizations for Ontario pharmacists, students, technicians, and owners. Each year, our conference brings together hundreds of pharmacy professionals and healthcare industry leaders to network, learn, and celebrate the profession. Through professional development sessions, breakout rooms, and engaging presentations, the conference provides multiple-day learning opportunities on topics that are relevant, valuable, and timely to the pharmacy community. In addition, we also have a variety of events like our awards ceremony and evening social.  

    Our conference provides plenty of sponsorship opportunities to showcase your brand and organization while engaging with a diverse crowd of pharmacy professionals, top industry leaders, experts, and influencers. The pharmacy profession is quickly evolving and growing. More than ever, pharmacy professionals are playing pivotal roles in patients’ health care teams, and many more anticipated changes are expected to transform the profession and improve health outcomes for the public. Through our conference, you can be at the forefront and a part of this evolution to pharmacy.

    Who Attends OPA’s Conference?:
    • 46% Pharmacists 
    • 30% Industry Professionals  
    • 12% Pharmacy Students  
    • 12% Pharmacy Technicians  
    Value of OPA Conference Sponsorship? 
    • Connect directly with more than 500 pharmacy professionals from Ontario and beyond. 
    • Get your company’s innovative products and services in front of a highly attentive niche market. 
    • Discover how pharmacy is anticipated to change healthcare in Ontario. 
    • Network and connect with a diverse crowd of pharmacy professionals, top industry leaders, and influencers. 
    • Learn how OPA is driving and evolving the profession forward.  
    Available opportunities:
    Contact us:

    To find out more about OPA’s Conference sponsorship opportunities contact us at [email protected] 

    OPA Spotlight

    Grow your brand by reaching out to thousands of pharmacy professionals by placing advertisements in OPA’s Spotlight newsletter sent out digitally to all members every other Wednesday.

    • ~10,000 pharmacy professionals 
    • 35% average open rate  
    • 5% Average click rate

    Cost: $1000 

    Sponsored Editorial Content:

    We cover relevant pharmacy topics through articles, blog posts, and reference and resources documents to educate our members and support them in their practice. This is an excellent opportunity for organizations to reach out to a niche audience of pharmacy professionals through providing educational high-quality content. 

      What you will get:
    • Published article in OPA’s email campaigns
    • Exposure through OPA’s social media channels to increase engagement
    Contact us:

    To find out more about OPA’s digital campaigns contact us at [email protected]