Seniors Service Plan Allows Retired Pharmacist to Travel Worry Free

As pharmacist owner of Dales Pharmacy in downtown Toronto, Harvey Dale was a big believer in the value of insurance.

“I’ve had OPA’s insurance for as long as they’ve offered it,” says Dale. “I’m a believer in working hard, but I also want to sleep at night so I’m insurance crazy.”

Today, after 54 years behind the pharmacy counter, Dale is enjoying his well-deserved retirement, but that doesn’t mean he’s left OPA’s insurance coverage behind. Thanks to the seniors service plan, Dale and his wife of 60 years take advantage of top quality health and dental coverage while at home, and they can also enjoy their annual trips south without worrying about whether or not they’ll qualify for costly travel coverage which may not meet their needs.

Dale says that with other plans, “if I break my leg playing tennis, it’s no problem, but if something comes up with my heart or blood pressure I’m not covered if it was a pre-existing condition.” With the seniors service plan coverage, however, the Dales can enjoy their vacation without having to worry.

“What senior doesn’t have a problem or two?” he asks. “This is the only plan I know with no previous ailment exclusion and no age limit.”

The senior service plan has also been there for Dale and his wife through the day-to-day claims typical of many retirees - dental work, a hip replacement, and a triple bypass to name a few. He cites the professional, personalized service of the OPA insurance staff and the benefits of the program as just two reasons he continues to purchase coverage through the senior service plan every year. The buying power he gains from being part of a large group is also a benefit. 

“As smart as I am and as knowledgeable as I am, I couldn’t do the same deals that OPA can,” he says. “It’s strength in numbers. When I negotiate I do it for me; when OPA negotiates they do it for thousands.”

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