As the profession evolves, so do the ways that pharmacists can provide care to their communities. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how knowledgeable and well-positioned pharmacists are to continue to provide clinical services. OPA believes that expanding the scope of practice for pharmacists is a positive step for health care in Ontario, by providing patients with improved access to healthcare services. It is beneficial to allow pharmacists the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to help their patients.

Scope of practice activities for pharmacists in Ontario

Initiate a prescription       
Initiating a prescription
under specific conditions
Prescribing for an
interim supply
Prescribing in emergency circumstances      
Adapting a prescription  
Renewing a prescription 
Therapeutic substitution  
Administering: parenteral
and non-parenteral
Order lab tests P     
Interpret lab testsP     

Adapted from NAPRA RPh Scope of Practice Tool

Scope of practice activities for pharmacy technicians in Ontario

  • Administer publicly funded influenza vaccine to patients two years or older
  • Perform procedures on tissue below the skin to support patient self-care and chronic disease monitoring but pharmacist interpret results
  • Perform technical checks of prescription/product preparation and release
  • Accept verbal prescriptions for medications that are not controlled substances
  • Authorize prescription transfer except for controlled substances
  • Accept delegation of a controlled act
  • Provide counselling and education on matters that are not clinical/therapeutic in nature
  • COVID-19 Related Scope:
    • Administer COVID-19 vaccines by injection as indicated by Ontario Regulation 107/96
Develop a compounding protocol      NA*
Compound drugs according to a compounding protocolNA*
Determine beyond use date      NA*
Received a verbal order (except controlled substances)NA*
Perform a technical check of a new prescription NA*
Perform a technical check of a refill prescriptionNA*
Perform a technical check of a controlled substance prescriptionNA*
Transfer prescriptions NA*
Provide counseling on medical devicesNA*
Provide counseling on non-clinical/therapeutic matters   NA*
Conduct tests      NA*
Administering COVID-19COVID-19 and Influenza COVID-19 and Influenza  NA*

*Pharmacy Technicians are not regulated in these provinces

For more information on the scope of practice for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy students please visit OCP’s resource on Legal Authority for Scope of Practice/Authorized Acts.

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