OPA's Suggested Fee Guide

For some time now, pharmacists across Ontario have been providing many valuable services without receiving compensation. These include: compliance packaging; training on home health care devices like blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors; disease and medication therapy assessments through anticoagulant and other programs; home care service requests and referrals; smoking cessation counselling; presentations to other healthcare providers; sterile compounding; long-term care dispensing and consulting services; and prescription advances.

To help pharmacists determine a fair value for these and other important services they provide without compensation, the Ontario Pharmacists Association has developed the Suggested Fee Guide for Uninsured Clinical and Professional Services.

This guide groups uninsured services into eight categories, with suggested flat or hourly rates. Examples of potential flat-fee packages for various patient situations are also included, although pharmacists are encouraged to speak individually to their patients to tailor a specific package that is unique to them and their needs. The guide also provides a detailed explanation of the services and the rationale behind the suggested fees. The fees are suggestions only — pharmacists are free to charge whatever they deem appropriate in their own circumstances.

As you and your staff begin the transformation from a product-focused model to a patient-oriented approach to practice, these tools will assist with the shift from a primarily indirect to a more direct compensation model.

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