Knowledge into Practice

Have you seen OPA's new professional development branding?

We’ve made a lot of changes to our programming over the past few years – to expand the clinical, business and practice-based learning that we provide, and to ensure that participants can implement their learning as soon as they return to practice.

Being able to take what you’ve learned and make it work in practice right away is a key element of successful professional development programs. We think our programs do this really well, and so we're highlighting the fact that our programs are specifically designed to help you bring the knowledge and skills that you develop with OPA sessions back into your practice so that you can provide the best possible care to your patients just made sense.

Our live and blended programs mix didactic training with practical skills application – giving you the information you need to succeed, plus the confidence in your skills so that you can begin implementing your learning as soon as you return to your practice. Even our online programs often incorporate tools like case studies and reflective exercise questions.

The Ontario Pharmacists Association is also one of the few educators to be granted Accredited Provider status by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy.  And we pride ourselves on having some of the best expert presenters lead our sessions – meaning you’re learning from the best.
Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to expand your knowledge and drive your practice forward. This emphasis on translating knowledge into practice will help us grow our program offerings to better meet your needs – whether in a clinical, practice or business-focused session.

Find out more, and explore our professional development offerings.

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