Professional Development for Healthcare Professionals

Offering advanced training programs is just one of the ways that we’re promoting recognition of pharmacists as healthcare experts. 

The Ontario Pharmacists Association provides high-quality, evidence-based professional development (PD) programs that help pharmacy professionals, and other healthcare professionals, enhance their knowledge and skills in specific clinical areas. 

Translating knowledge into practice

Being able to take what you’ve learned and make it work in practice right away is a key element OPA's successful professional development programs.

Our live and blended programs mix didactic training with practical skills application – giving you the information you need to succeed, plus the confidence in your skills so that you can begin implementing your learning as soon as you return to your practice. Even our online programs often incorporate tools like case studies and reflective exercise questions.

Choose the format that's right for you

We offer a range of learning environments:

  • live, in-class sessions
  • online courses
  • webinars
  • blended programs (which combine live and online components)
  • programs that range from a few hours to four days in length

This flexibility of learning formats helps make it possible for professionals living in remote regions to advance their education, and it allows busy professionals to fit learning opportunities into their schedules.

We also provide educational programming at the annual OPA Conference. 

Reliable providers

Since 2000, OPA has trained thousands of pharmacists and other health professionals, and we're proud to say that our PD programs receive extremely high satisfaction rankings from participants.

The Ontario Pharmacists Association is one of the few educators to be granted Accredited Provider status by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP). And we pride ourselves on having some of the best expert presenters lead our sessions – meaning you’re learning from the best.

Find a course

Browse our list of current programs, based on your preferred course format or subject matter.

In-class programs
Online sessions

Registration is easy

Go to the information page for the program you want to join to find course details, pricing, and registration options. You can register for programs online through your OPA account. (If you don't have an OPA account, you'll be asked to create one during the online registration process.)

You can also register by fax or email by completing and submitting a general education registration form.  Please allow up to five business days for processing and confirmation of enrolment.

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