Long-Term Care Medication Management Demonstration Project

Introducing the Ontario Long-Term Care Medication Management Demonstration Project - a multi-stakeholder effort launching in September 2016, with the goals of improving medication management in long-term care homes (LTCHs) and further enhancing  the quality of care delivered to residents through the increased use of safe, effective, and lower-cost medications within the same therapeutic categories.

Healthcare providers - download program tools here.   
LTCH residents  - download program tools here.

How the project will work

The Ontario Long-Term Care Medication Management Demonstration Project will rely on the application and communication of clinical judgment and recommendations by pharmacists and prescribers to make sure that each resident’s drug therapy remains clinically effective and safe while at the same time providing good value to the healthcare system. 

Over the course of the one-year project, long-term care health providers will employ a team-based approach that will:

  • focus on the generation of an individualized resident care plan
  • maximize the use of clinically equivalent, lower-cost medications
  • apply principles of appropriate prescribing to drive value and streamline medication choices for LTCH residents.

The pharmacist providing medication services at the LTCH will assess each resident’s medication profile during the quarterly medication review and/or during the MedsCheck LTC process and, where warranted, make recommendations to the supervising physician or nurse practitioner (prescriber). A plan will be developed for each resident based on his/her personal health profile. Blanket medication transitions will not be enforced as part of this initiative and decisions to change therapy or maintain the current regimen will be made by the prescriber on a resident-by-resident basis.

Resident consent (or where appropriate, substitute decision maker consent) will be required prior to any change.


Through the course of the project, various metrics associated with resident care and the nature of the collaborative interactions will be measured and evaluated to contribute to the project’s final report.

About the project

This one-year demonstration project marks the culmination of a series of discussion between the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) and various healthcare professional associations that began in 2015 and focused on interprofessional collaboration and consultation to optimize prescribing and dispensing behaviours in Ontario's LTCHs. The program that will be rolled out in September 2016, was developed by a multi-disciplinary working group with participation from pharmacists who specialize in long-term care, as well as physicians, representatives from LTCH associations and ministry staff. Additional input from clinical experts incluiding physicians, pharmacists, and nurses was incorporated into the development of the project drug list.

More information, including stakeholder introductory letters and frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) can be found here. The Ontario Pharmacists Association will serve as the secretariat for this project, and any questions not addressed in the FAQ documents can be emailed to OPA directly.

UPDATE: Long-Term Care Medication Management Initiative – Introduction of PINs on December 1, 2016 to Track Prescriber Responses to Recommendations

The Long-Term Care Medication Management Demonstration Project is supported by:

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