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The profession is constantly changing. Stay connected.

Maintain your connection to the pharmacy community with a supporting membership. OPA will keep you in the know as the profession rapidly evolves. Additionally, your supporting membership will provide you with great benefits and discounts.

The membership fee for 2019 for Supporting members has been frozen at $355*!

Here's a look at what a supporting membership provides you with:

Here are a few last things you may need to know:

Existing Logins
If you have an existing OPA web login, but are not currently a member, please use the “renew” link above rather than “join”.

OPA Supporting Memberships include: members over 65 years of age, members who are retired or have resigned, members who are licensed in any jurisdiction in Canada and whose primary address is outside of Ontario and members who meet the criteria for disabled as set out by the OPA insurance plan. For a full list of eligibility requirements, please visit this page.

Need a different membership type?
If you have ended up on this page but need to purchase for a different website category, please visit to make your selection.


Insurance must be purchased separately.

HST to be added to cost of membership.

Click here to download the 2019 Membership form.

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