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You’re entering your career with a unique and expansive range of skills, expertise and academic credentials that will fuel your practice success. By maintaining an OPA membership as you complete your education, you will support the launch of your career with a strong network and critically important professional development resources. Your OPA membership will be the most important investment you can make at this early stage of your career.

For $75*, your OPA membership offers you:

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Existing Logins
If you have an existing OPA web login, but are not currently a member, please use the “renew” link above rather than “join”.

You may be required to provide proof of enrollment, and/or proof of registration with OCP before your application can be processed.

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Insurance must be purchased separately.

HST to be added to cost of membership.

For PharmD and Masters: Click here to download the 2019 Membership form.

For Residents and Interns: Click here to download the 2019 Membership form.

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