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A pharmacy owner’s work is never done. We understand this! That’s why we created the OPA Owners Bundle to better support you with the demands of being a pharmacy owner. An Owners Bundle is like three memberships in one! An Owners Bundle membership saves you up to $500, and it's like getting three memberships in one. For $1,299 (+tax), members receive an OPA full pharmacist membership, a Premium subscription to our Drug Information and Resource Centre, and access to the Owners Advisory Council - Independent Caucus where Owners Bundle members have an opportunity to engage in important pharmacy discussion.  

Unpacked, an Owners Bundle means you get the following:

For participation in the Owners Advisory Council - Independent Caucus you must be a pharmacist owner of an active accredited pharmacy in Ontario and have an equity interest over the ability to sell or close the pharmacy business.

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Click here to download the 2019 Owners Bundle form.

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