Pharmacy assistant

Better patient care. Better value.

Your OPA membership offers so much more.

As a pharmacy assistant, you enjoy a rewarding career of helping patients. Your membership helps you deliver the highest possible standard of patient care and prepares you to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible.

Here’s what your membership offers you:

  • Insurance - OPA membership offers cost-saving options for student accident insurance.
  • Continual Professional Development – Pharmacists deliver the best possible patient care when they are well-informed. Your OPA membership gives you discounted access to leading professional development opportunities at every stage of your career, including access to some member-exclusive courses. In addition, members receive deeply discounted registration rates at our annual conference.
  • Important News and Updates – OPA provides a variety of important bulletins to members. From medical information, to industry news, to updates about regulatory and practice changes affecting the profession, your OPA membership keeps you in the know.
  • Advocacy – We are fighting for you, and for all Ontario’s pharmacy professionals. We work hard to champion your interests with government on issues of funding, scope of practice, cannabis, opioids and so much more.
  • Networking Opportunities – Stay part of the close-knit community of 10,000+ pharmacy professionals. Enjoy rewarding interactions with your peers, and many other exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Exclusive Member Bonuses – OPA members receive a variety of great bonuses, from discounts on professional and personal insurance, to reduced rates for gym memberships and mobile plans. In fact, your OPA membership includes hundreds of dollars of annual savings and discounts.

An OPA membership delivers great value.

We’re transforming our profession.

Here’s one more great reason to be an OPA member for 2018: you will be a part of an exciting period of change for pharmacy.

Never before have Ontario pharmacy professionals had such powerful opportunities to improve patient outcomes with technology, increased scope of practice, and up-to-date knowledge. OPA is advocating for you as we embrace and lead this change.

Our 10,000+ strong community of pharmacy professionals has new momentum and energy.

Be part of the new OPA.

Join or renew your full membership today! A membership in the OPA is the single biggest investment you can make in your career.

Here are a few last things you may need to know:

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