Membership Advantages

Your membership means so much

Joining the Ontario Pharmacists Association is the single-most valuable investment you can make in your pharmacy career. 

For more than 50 years, OPA has been a champion for pharmacy profrssionals in this province. We've played an integral role in expanding pharmacists' scope of practice, and we continue to work with government and industry leaders to advocate for excellence in practice and patient care.

Find out more about our advocacy efforts.

Enjoy the benefits that come with being part of Canada's largest advocacy association for pharmacy professionals.

Membership provides you with career-enhancing opportunities and tools, including: 

  • professional development
  • competitively priced group insurance for professional liability and personal coverage. 
  • members-only access to publications and resources 
  • networking events
  • and more.

You also receive members-only perks and money-saving opportunities, such as discounted conference admission, car rentals, and gym memberships. Find out more about the benefits of membership.

Strength in numbers

Equally as important, your membership gives you a voice in the Ontario Pharmacists Association’s advocacy work on behalf of pharmacists in the province. When we stand united, we have a louder voice on the issues that affect our profession and the state of health care in Ontario.

The Ontario Pharmacists Association is proud to have played a leading role in strengthening our profession by advancing the role of the pharmacist in the patient’s circle of care, and creating new career opportunities for all pharmacy professionals. This work is possible only with the loyal support of so many members.

It’s time to invest in your profession. Become a member today!

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