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Pharmacy Profile - Naushin Hooda

Naushin Hooda
One of Ontario's next pharmacists 

I see the future of pharmacy combining entrepreneurship and innovation. As digital natives, pharmacy students offer a unique perspective steering the profession towards expanded scope while proactively responding to technology disruptions in every industry.

Since a young age, I’ve always had a passion for pursuing a career that would allow me to have a maximum impact to the greatest number of individuals, which I believe pharmacy continues to provide me. My interests primarily lie within the movement towards a patient-focused healthcare through medical device innovation, and translational clinical research initiatives that promote patient-centred care. I have a vision to apply project management principles in solving rising issues in the Canadian healthcare system, primarily as an advocate for the expanding scope of pharmacists. 

I hope to continue to participate in projects geared towards expanding the future of the pharmacy profession as I believe advocacy is crucial. Combining my passion for global health and traveling, I am interested in participating in international healthcare initiatives that promote access to healthcare, health education, and resources. Regardless of my practice site, I believe it has never been a better time to be a pharmacy student in the face of an ever-changing profession. 

Pharmacy students are the future of pharmacy. 

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