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Pharmacy Profile - Michael Nashat

Michael Nashat
President and Chief Executive Officer (and pharmacist)
TerrAscend Corp.

Patient care is at the forefront of everything we do. TerrAscend’s three divisions embrace a spirit of education and support. With less than 100 Canadian companies doing what we do, we are looked at as global leaders. It is my role to ensure nurses, pharmacists and educators have the tools they need to help patients on their medicinal cannabis journey. The cannabis plant has more than 200 Phyto cannabinoids that have clinical impacts whether used alone or with other cannabinoids. There is still much to learn. It is my goal to create treatment plants for specific conditions with medicinal cannabis. This will include applying principles of product selection. We’re excited about the future – the cannabis industry has allowed us to be the application programming interface (API) cultivator, processor, distributor – and most of all care giver.

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