Pharmacist Awareness Month Materials from OPA

This year, we're encouraging everyone to Rethink Pharmacy by considering the different roles that pharmacists play in your community. While community pharmacists play an invaluable role in our communities, today’s pharmacists are expanding on their knowledge, training and expertise and contributing to a healthcare agenda. Joining us in raising awareness and bringing attention to the pharmacy industry with our PAM branded reosurces below.

Messages for Social Media (sample messages for you to use on your social media platforms
  • Let's work together to ensure pharmacists in Ontario are able to do what they are trained to do so they can provide better care for patients
  • In other provinces, pharmacists can diagnose and treat certain common ailments with either over-the-counter or prescription medications on the spot. Wouldn't it be great if we could do that for you in Ontario?
  • Pharmacists are accessible, convenient and cost-effective when compared to visiting hospital emergency rooms for minor conditions and open up capacity in physicians offices to deal with more serious patient issues.
  • As front line healthcare professionals, your pharmacist has the training and knowledge to do more for you.
Social Cards

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PAM social card – March is Pharmacist Awareness Month

PAM social card – A pharmacist is always close by

PAM social card – Canadians trust their pharmacist

PAM social card – Pharmacists can treat common ailments

Pharmacist Posters

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Pharmacists in your community 
Watch for profiles of our OPA members in pharmacy who are changing the industry. You'll see the following profile cards in our ad campaign across Ontario on digital screens and in social media. 
  • Stacey D’Angelo - Co-Founder and Pharmacist, Wellth Pharmacy + Clinic
  • Dave Edwards - Academic Pharmacist, Hallman Director, School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo
  • Heather Foley - Primary Care Team Pharmacist
  • Naushin Hooda - One of Ontario's next pharmacists
  • Jonathan Lu - Chief Quality and Clincial Services Officer, Silver Fox Pharmacy
  • Kacie Lunn - Long-term Care Pharmacist
  • Allan H. Malek - Executive Vice-President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Ontario Pharmacists Association
  • Michael Nashat - President and Chief Executive Officer, TerrAscend
  • Renu Pillay - Whole Health Pharmacy Glebe
  • Bronwyn Tolmie - Elora Apothecary, University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy teaching site and co-op employer of pharmacy students
  • Rebecca Yu - Vice President, Market Access & External Affairs, Takeda
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