Women in Pharmacy: Victoria Ip

Victoria is a Drug Information Pharmacist at OPA's Drug Information and Resource Centre (DIRC). Having previously worked in community pharmacy, she enjoys the challenges and rewards of constantly staying on top of new medications and treatment regimens—sharing this knowledge with DIRC subscribers to ensure patients are on the most appropriate medications to achieve the most optimal outcomes.

Previously a male dominated profession, Victoria is excited to see graduating pharmacy classes that are primarily female lead, in addition to more women taking on senior roles in management, ownership, and academia.

As a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) through the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, Victoria will be sharing real life case studies from DIRC at OPA’s 2018 Conference: Connecting the Dots to demonstrate how to lead deprescribing to reduce the pill burden for seniors. You can register for her session at the OPA Conference website

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