DIRC Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Subscription For Calendar Year 2019


  • This document outlines the Terms and Conditions under which the Subscriber accepts the specified services (collectively referred to as the "Services”) as delivered by the Ontario Pharmacists Association’s (“OPA”) Drug Information and Resource Centre ("DIRC") and forms part of the Subscription form. 


  • “Services” means any professional, clinical or practice support service, articulated in the DIRC section of the OPA website at https://www.opatoday.com/professional/dirc, that includes, but is not limited to, Drug Information services, HR Assist™, or Audit Assist™ and any other practice support service that may be added at a later date.
  • “Subscriber” means the pharmacy listed on the Subscription application as authorized by the individual accepting these Terms and Conditions.
  • “Subscription” means this purchase of Services from the OPA by the Subscriber.
  • “User” means any accredited pharmacy or any registered pharmacist, student, intern or pharmacy technician employed in any capacity by the Subscriber and practising at the Subscriber’s address listed under the contact information identified in this application.

Commencement date

  • The commencement date of this Subscription shall be the date upon which OPA is in receipt of payment of the Base Fee or January 1, 2019 (whichever is later) and shall continue until December 31, 2019.
  • For purposes of the Services under this Subscription, the “Subscription Year” will end on December 31, 2019 and all benefits associated with this Subscription will expire on that date.


  • The Subscriber agrees to pay OPA all fees associated with this Subscription including:


    • Base Fee – $395 CAN + HST ($446.35)


    • Base Fee – $1,000 CAN + HST ($1,130)
  • All Subscription fees are non-refundable except under the following conditions:
    • A request is received in writing within five (5) calendar days of the original subscription,
    • The subscribed store has not used the DIRC service in the current subscription period, and
    • A $50.00 + HST administration fee will applies to for all requested refunds.
  • After July 1, 2019 and only in the event of a new store opening, OPA, at its sole discretion, may pro-rate the subscription fees.
  • OPA retains the right to refuse service and/or renewal of a Subscription due to non-payment of outstanding fees.

Services applicable to this Subscriber only

  • The Services associated with this Subscription apply only to the pharmacy identified in the Subscription application.
  • The Subscriber agrees not to share the Services of this Subscription with any other pharmacy whether or not that other pharmacy is a DIRC subscriber and whether or not that other pharmacy is owned by the same Subscriber.

Call requests

  • All calls from the Subscriber should be initiated from the address and primary telephone line listed under the Subscriber contact information provided upon Subscription. When not initiated from the pharmacy (e.g., when initiated from a cell phone), the Subscriber must provide the DIRC account number against which the call will be assessed.
  • While most questions will be submitted via phone, questions submitted via fax or email or any future method of delivery will also count toward the Subscriber’s subscription.
  • The Subscriber agrees that drug information services, as well as information pertaining to any additional services associated with this Subscription, will be provided only to Users who identify themselves with their licence number from the Ontario College of Pharmacists.
  • The Subscriber acknowledges that Users will provide as much background information as possible, while protecting personal health information, related to the question before an attempt will be made by the DIRC pharmacist to answer the question.
  • OPA retains the right to refuse questions due to any of the following reasons:
    • non-payment of outstanding fees,
    • calls originating from a location other than that set out in the Subscriber contact information in this application, or where the User cannot provide the DIRC account number under which the question will be counted, or
    • verbal or emotional abuse.


  • The Subscriber can upgrade their Subscription level by paying the full cost difference between the DIRC Essential and DIRC Premium Subscription levels; the upgrade becomes effective once payment is received.

Termination of services

  • OPA has the right to terminate services to the Subscriber at any time during the Subscription Year. The Ontario Pharmacists Association shall provide the Subscriber with ten (10) business days’ notice prior to termination. The Ontario Pharmacists Association is under no obligation to refund or credit any fees by the Subscriber whose service is being terminated.

Protecting your privacy

  • Your privacy is important to us. Some information you provide to OPA’s Drug Information and Resource Centre may be considered personal information. The information contained in this Subscription application is collected, used and shared for the sole purposes of processing the Subscriber’s application and delivering DIRC services, programs and publications to the Subscriber. The Ontario Pharmacists Association does not sell or in any other way provide the Subscriber's or User's personal information to third parties not associated with the provision of DIRC services, programs or publications. The Ontario Pharmacists Association uses appropriate safeguards to ensure that the Subscriber's or User's personal information remains confidential. For further information on how OPA protects the Subscriber's or User's privacy or for any questions or concerns, see Terms of Use & Privacy Policy at opatoday.com or contact OPA’s privacy officer at info@opatoday.com. By submitting this application, you agree to the use of this information as set out in OPA’s Privacy Policy.


  • Any information, reference, recommendation or advice provided by a DIRC pharmacist to the Subscriber or User is researched primarily on the information provided by the Subscriber or User. The Ontario Pharmacists Association shall not be held liable for any incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Subscriber and/or User. Similarly, OPA shall not be held liable for any, or subsequent misinterpretation or misrepresentation of the information, reference, recommendation or advice provided by a DIRC pharmacist to the Subscriber or User.
  • The Subscriber or User retains responsibility for exercising their professional judgement for any decision surrounding care for their patient based on the patient profile to which they have access, either through their own files or through information provided by the patient’s attending Primary Care Provider(s), whether or not all information is provided to the DIRC Pharmacist by the Subscriber or User.


  • If any provision of this document violates any statute or rule of law of the Province of Ontario or Canada, as the case may be, this document shall be considered modified to conform to such statute or rule of law.

Entire document

  • This document, together with the Subscription application, represents all the Terms and Conditions under which drug information services will be provided. No other understandings or representations, oral or otherwise, regarding the subject matter of this document shall be deemed to exist or to bind any of the parties hereto.


  • The information provided by the Subscriber or User on the Subscription application is, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and complete. Any and all subscriber benefits, provided in good faith by DIRC and entered into by the Subscriber or User, are at their own risk. DIRC is not liable for any actions resulting from the personal or business decisions of the Subscriber or User.
  • The individual submitting this application is able to bind the Subscriber. 

By submitting the Subscription application form, the Subscriber acknowledges that it agrees to these Terms and Conditions of their Subscription to DIRC.

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