Research Initiatives

To support our advocacy work, the Ontario Pharmacists Association conducts research that provides analyses of the state of health care in the province, and the current and potential contribution of pharmacists. Reports based on these studies are available to download here. 

Below you will find the following: 

Summary of active projects
Summary of completed projects
Summary of OPA led reports

For questions or more information about any of OPA’s reports or studies, please email

Summary of active projects


Asthma Project

  • OPA is collaborating with Ryerson University and overseeing this project that is being completed by a master's student
  • Funded by sponsors


expected completion date is June 2017

Patient and Healthcare Professional Perspectives on the Unnecessary Use of Medications

Application submitted to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Project Scheme: 2016 1st Live Pilot

Ontario Pharmacy Research Collaboration Projects (OPEN):

1. MedsCheck and Pharmaceutical Opinion Programs
Role: Collaborator 

2. Pharmacists as immunizers
Role: project member

3. Smoking cessation 2.0
Role: Applied health research question (AHRQ) knowledge user (KU) submitter

4. Development of a diabetes decision aid for use by patients and pharmacists
Role: Principal investigator

5. Pharmacists prescribing 
Role: project member

1. Active; expected completion date is March 2016

2. Active; expected completion date is March 2016

3. Active; expected completion date is March 2016

4. Active; expected completion date is March 2016

5. Active; expected completion date is March 2016

Summary of completed projects


OPEN projects:

1. Smoking Cessation
Role: AHRQ KU submitter

2. Incorporating community pharmacists into Community Health Links
Role: KU submitter and member of the investigator team 

3. The role of outreach & practice facilitation in pharmacy services training
Role: AHRQ KU submitter

2014 - 2015

Summary of OPA led reports


Evuation of the Impact of an Expanded Immunization Program
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Addendum 

  • OPA commissioned RiskAnalytica to explore whether or not a business case exists to support education for, and access to immunizations administered by pharmacists for the following diseases 
  • Funded by sponsors


White Paper on Pharmacists Billing Numbers and Alternate Models of Reimbursement

  • Work led by volunteer task force, headed by member Dean Miller, and supported by OPA staff and committees
  • Goal was to provide insights and options on potential reimbursement models that support compensation of pharmacists for professional services.


Report on the impact of community pharmacist interventions in hypertension management (Full Report) Exeucitve Summary

  • OPA collaborated with Green Sheild to release study that shows pharmacists can play a key role in helping patients with hypertension improve their health by substantially lowering their blood pressure.


Report on the retrospective evaluation of drug therapy recommendations made by pharmacists

  • Study that identifies successes and areas of improvement of the program in its first two years of existence
  • Funded by Eli Lilly Canada and LifeScan Canada Ltd


Report on the value of expanded pharmacist authority (2012) Executive Summary

  • Landmark study that shows that Ontario could realize health system savings of at least $143 million between 2013 and 2017 by fully implementing and funding pharmacists’ authority in five key practice areas: counselling and prescribing for smoking cessation; administering flu vaccinations; adapting patients’ drug therapy; renewing prescriptions for stable chronic conditions; and prescribing for minor ailments.


Report on the value of pharmacy (2009) - Full Report Executive Summary Methodology Economic Model Framework Workflows References

  • OPA engaged the services of nD Insight Corporation to analyse five specific service categories under the umbrella of medication therapy management: health, wellness and disease education programs; refills of chronic care medications; therapeutic modification; prescription intervention; and minor ailments program.


Report on contribution to long-term care (Final Report)  Letter to MOHLTC

  • OPA and the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores (CACDS) commissioned a study by MentoRx to analyze the extra costs incurred by pharmacies to serve residents of the province’s long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, homes for the aged, and charitable homes.


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