MAPflow Annual Subscription – Minor Ailments Prescribing Workflow Tool

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Implement Effective and Efficient Minor Ailments Services in Your Pharmacy

A powerful clinical decision-making and documentation tool designed for pharmacists

MAPflow is a web-based clinical decision support tool designed specifically for the Ontario pharmacy practice environment by Dr. Nardine Nakhla. Pharmacists using MAPflow will appreciate the intuitive interface that efficiently guides them through the entire minor ailments assessment, prescribing, documentation and follow-up process required for this new scope of practice. MAPflow subscriptions are fully portable across multiple sites, enabling pharmacists to use the tool in any practice environment where they perform minor ailments assessments.

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Why Choose MAPflow?

Easily recognize when referrals are necessary

Make quality, evidence-based decisions while assessing patients for minor ailments complaints

Generate prescriptions for in-scope therapeutic options automatically

PRO mode designed to enhance your experience and efficiency

Optimize Your Minor Ailments Workflow in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Add MAPflow to your OPA Membership purchase to be first in line to use this powerful clinical tool for the implementation of minor ailments.
  2. Receive your activation code and onboarding information within a few weeks to help you set up
  3. Set yourself up for success to deliver exceptional minor ailments services to your patients.

OPA members receive a discount on MAPflow’s annual subscription.

Owners Bundle members receive the MAPflow annual subscription as a benefit included in their membership fee.

MAPflow Features

  • Industry Leadership: Our focus is on excelling in the minor ailments and self-care space, supporting clinical decision-making, and facilitating pharmacist-led clinics.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Currently supporting over 1700 pharmacies and 1500 pharmacists across Ontario and BC, MAPflow boasts a 97% effectiveness rate and a 99.15% safety profile, fostering stronger patient relationships and loyalty.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: We reduce minor ailment assessment time from the national average of 20-30 minutes (using PDF or paper) to 6-10 minutes per assessment. This will be further reduced to 3-4 minutes with our upcoming PRO mode (launching in Jan 2024).
  • Holistic Approach: Our platform guides pharmacists in recommending non-prescription, natural health products, and non-pharmacological therapies for a comprehensive and patient-centric care plan focused not only on treatment but on prevention of the ailment.
  • Revenue Optimization: Increase ROI with larger basket sizes through adjunctive non-prescription and natural health product recommendations, with further development of the OTC/self-care arm (including management of iron-deficiency anemia, drug-induced nutrient depletion, constipation management) planned in 2024. This OTC arm is customizable for your store brand products.
  • Prescribing CapabilityMAPflow allows for prescribing of compounds and other agents with an open prescribing option for each condition.
  • Robust Reporting: Custom patient reports, concise primary care provider reports, and comprehensive pharmacist reports are available with a single click.
  • Follow-Up Protocol: A built-in follow-up protocol ensures best practice, continuity of care and compliance with provincial regulations/standards.
  • Simplified Billing: Auto-generation of province-specific billing PINs and display of therapeutic agents within scope, guaranteeing adherence to regulations and best practices.
  • Educational Initiatives: Through student adoption of MAPflow across all three Ontario PharmD programs, pharmacy students will be able to bring competence in use of the platform to the pharmacy team.
  • Multilingual Support: A French version of the software is being piloted by University of Ottawa students and faculty.