Identifying Drug Interactions for Pharmacy Technicians

Learn and develop skills on how to understand drug interactions and identify when a possible interaction requires a pharmacist to intervene.


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Drug interactions can cause serious harm, and when prescribers and pharmacists are not aware of some drug use, these interactions can be missed.

It is important that pharmacy technicians are equipped with the knowledge they need to quickly identify medications that interact with other agents and when a possible interaction needs to be assessed by a pharmacist.

Pharmacy technicians can help identify patients at risk of harm from drug interactions through their knowledge of products, interactions with patients buying over-the-counter (OTCs) medications, and their ability to take thorough medication histories.

This course covers scope of practice, language and types of drug interactions. It also offers suggestions on how pharmacy technicians can identify and refer patients in need of further assessment to pharmacists.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Review the scope of practice, including modifying depth of best possible medication history (BPMH) and intake questions, and recognizing the potential for interactions and opportunities to refer patients to a pharmacist.
  • Learn the terminology and categorization of interactions, including recognizing the language used to describe interactions and understanding the different types of interactions.
  • Describe the consequences of interactions on efficacy and safety in general, and specifically relating to common interactions.

Course outline:

  • Learning module
  • Multiple-choice exam
  • Program evaluation

Course at a glance:

Who should take this course:

Pharmacy technicians and assistants who want to develop their skills in understanding drug interactions and identifying drug interactions that require pharmacist intervention.

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