Ensuring the safety of pharmacy staff and patients is of utmost importanceAs such, OPA has developed a Pharmacy Safety and Security Toolkit to support pharmacy professionals in their practices. These tools and resources are meant to support individuals to prevent or manage difficult situations in the pharmacy setting, such as abuse, violence and harassment, or robbery. Many pharmacies may already have policies and procedures in place, and in the event of differences, pharmacy professionals should defer to their corporate, chain and/or store policies and procedures, and are encouraged to speak to their head offices, pharmacy managers, and/or owners for further clarification as required. These resources may be used to supplement that information as applicable. 


Pharmacy Safety and Security Checklist 

This checklist provides suggested strategies that can be implemented to mitigate the risk of robberies and protect the pharmacy, staff, and patients. Recognizing that each pharmacy is unique, this checklist is meant to be a general guide of possible strategies to consider as applicable. 

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Reacting to a Pharmacy Robbery 

This tool provides tips on how to react during and after a pharmacy robbery. It can be used to educate staff on what to do in the event that a robbery occurs. Also included is a worksheet to assist witnesses with documenting relevant information for police about the perpetrator(s). 

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Time-delay Safes in Community Pharmacies 

In recognition that many pharmacies have implemented time-delay safes in their practices already following the Ontario College of Pharmacists approval of the mandatory use of time-delay safes in community pharmacies, OPA has decided to archive our fact sheet. Pharmacy professionals who would like more information about the College’s initiative are encouraged to consult OCP’s Pharmacy Safety Initiative webpage. OPA members who have additional questions or require further assistance can contact our Practice Support Network at [email protected].  


Workplace Abuse, Violence, and Harassment 

This webpage consists of resources compiled by the OPA that can be used by pharmacy professionals to prevent and/or respond to abuse, violence, and harassment in the workplace. De-escalation strategies are included which can be used to help defuse difficult situations to protect the safety of pharmacy staff and others in the pharmacy while also helping to maintain the pharmacy professional-patient relationship. 

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OPA is committed to supporting its members in their practices and will continue to monitor and work alongside our colleagues at the Ontario College of Pharmacists, and other key stakeholders as needed, on initiatives to protect pharmacy professionals.