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Anna opened Schomberg Village Pharmacy 4 years ago and steadily put her footprint on our community. As much as it is a pharmacy, Schomberg Village Pharmacy is also a wellness centre. Anna applies her clinical pharmaceutical and wellness skills to sharing and advising her customers and patients with practical, sensible health and wellbeing tools on both prescription medicine and otherwise.

It was during the pandemic that Anna really demonstrated her capabilities and desire to help in a very uncertain frightening time. She effectively led her team to establish a COVID 19 vaccination clinic in the midst of everchanging government directives. She made it a simple process for patients – just registering online at the pharmacy for vaccines made it easy to obtain local vaccinations without having to camp out on government- related websites. If needed, she triaged vaccinations according to need.

Our local family physician has commented many times how knowledgeable Anna is and enjoys having her to consult with.

In addition to her pharmaceutical skills, Anna’s kindness has touched our community. We are proud of her exceptional knowledge and leadership and we are proud to have her.


Anna Patrizio