Appreciation Month




Pharmacy has always been an ever changing environment and this past year has shown great perseverance through all those changes on top of adapting to new pandemic procedures. Our Pharmacy Professionals have been through a lot this last year and are still pushing through, during one of the hardest times in Health Care history.

“Pharmacy Technicians have always been an essential part of the drug distribution system, but now more so than ever during the pandemic. Pharmacy Technicians in their role are evolving and adapting and making a positive impact in this pandemic while preparing vaccines for Canadians.”
-Sandra Sonneveld RPhT (Niagara Health System, St. Catharine Site)

Not only have Pharmacy Technicians begun to step into a new scope of practice, but we have begun to thrive and gain more respect within the Health Care community. Pharmacy Technicians have shown their professionalism through hard work and integrity. Which proved that we were able to step up and take on even more roles, such as; not only preparing the new vaccine, but now the administration of the vaccine as part of our new scope of Practice. Pharmacy Technicians everywhere are working through long hours with staff shortages all while still continuing to further our education and taking the new Injection Program and certificates.

“It has been a weird experience, never in all my years of Pharmacy did I ever think I would end up working in a hockey arena. But here we are making over 1000 syringes a day. Surrounded by an amazing team and looking to expand. So many healthcare workers coming together to fight a worldwide pandemic. I am very privileged to be a part of the team.”
-Claire Scovill RPhT (Niagara health System, St. Catharines Site)

The Pharmacy team at the St. Catharines hospital has been very busy setting up new procedures and a whole new work site, just for the arrival of the vaccine. With everyone experiencing this new endeavor all at the same time, I am so proud of our Pharmacy professionals and how they have come together as a team to help pull our people out of this pandemic. It truly is an honour to be a part of such an amazing team. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.


Leah O’Neal and Niagara Health System

St. Catharines Site


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