Appreciation Month




I’m a UofT PharmD student working in a pharmacy that serves marginalized populations, such as those living with mental health issues, experience homelessness, older adults and several racial minorities. I recently had a meaningful interaction with an older Vietnamese woman who was worried about her new diabetes diagnosis. Thankfully, I grew up speaking Vietnamese, so I was able to communicate with her in Vietnamese and counsel her on ways to manage her new diagnosis. I counselled her on her new medication regimen, the purpose of blood glucose monitoring, blood glucose targets, and the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet and exercising. It was hard for me to explain what a “well-balanced diet” looked like in Vietnamese, so I gave her examples of Vietnamese dishes that were “well-balanced.” When I learned that she felt ashamed with her new diagnosis, I provided her with reassurance and made sure she understood that diabetes is manageable. She expressed her gratitude and told me she would love to speak to me again if she has any questions, and the reassurance I gave her made her feel more confident. Situations like these warm my heart and illustrate the significant role pharmacists play in patient care.



Hanna Nguyen

Pharmacy Student/Assistant

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