Appreciation Month




Throughout this pandemic, Ontario’s pharmacy professionals have done an outstanding job of protecting the frontline.

We have protected the drug supply against shortages, vaccinated people against the flu, counselled patients on how to protect themselves against COVID-19, all while continuing to provide the same level of exceptional patient care that we are known for.

Moreover, since the beginning of the pandemic, our title as the most accessible healthcare professional has only strengthened.

Since 2012, pharmacists have been immunizing Ontarians. In that time, we have immunized and protected millions against the flu. Unequivocally, our profession is more than prepared to vaccinate these same individuals against COVID-19 and finally put an end to this pandemic.

Today marks the day that I make the transition from my formal pharmacy school work to my clinical rotations. At a time when our patients need us most, I could not be happier to be joining my pharmacy colleagues on the frontline in looking after the health of Ontarians.



George Elias Daskalakis

Pharmacy Intern

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