Appreciation Month




This pandemic brought us closer to all of our patients and making us most the accessible and trusted health care for their well-being. From the very first day of this COVID-19 situation, we are experiencing a high volume of people contacting to pharmacy to share their concern, anxiety and queries for information. Starting from managing the drug shortage, flu vaccines to working as trusted health information sources we are always the first choice of patient’s mind. Where there was lots of misleading information going through the internet, Pharmacies become one of the most reliable sources of Covid-19 info and health care. We listened to them and provided all the updated health info and it helped them to overcome their concerns. 

From my pharmacy, we worked so hard on sourcing the mask, hand sanitizers to make sure the vulnerable patients has at least the minimum protection. We partnered with some local volunteer community group and opened a 24/7 phone number for the pharmacy to ensure patient can fill their emergency medication even after hour.


Ferdous Amin

Pharmacy Owner

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