Since its inception, the Student Advisory Council (SAC) has served as the voice of the pharmacy student body for the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA). After consultation with student representatives, OPA is pleased to announce some structural changes to SAC to better serve the mandate of increasing engagement between pharmacy students from the Ontario Schools of Pharmacy and OPA. As of June 2021, SAC and the Student Chapters at each of the pharmacy schools in Ontario have been amalgamated to streamline efforts and improve efficiency. This new structure will provide students more opportunities to participate in the decision-making process and take on leadership roles when it comes to initiatives. It will also help to promote unity between the two schools and allow pharmacy students to interact across schools to truly represent the voice of pharmacy students in Ontario.

The Council meets up to six times per year with the following responsibilities: 

  • To represent the voice of the pharmacy student body and provide advice and guidance to OPA from the student perspective.
  • To act as the liaison between OPA and the pharmacy student bodies at the Ontario Schools of Pharmacy.
  • To advise OPA of new and emerging issues to increase OPA’s understanding of the views and concerns of pharmacy students.
  • To identify and provide suggestions to OPA on new ideas for initiatives for consideration.
  • To execute initiatives approved by OPA and the Student Advisory Council at the local school levels.
  • To share information about OPA’s advocacy initiatives with their respective schools.
  • To deal with other matters as directed by OPA and/or OPA’s Board of Directors.

Ready to join OPA?

OPA student members receive many member benefits and play a role in shaping the future of the profession by representing the voice of pharmacy students through SAC

As part of the transition to this new structure, members from the 2020/21 Student Chapters were offered the opportunity to continue with the new SAC and as such, a general call for applications (except for the first-year representatives) was not undertaken for this term. However, OPA student members can expect a call for representatives to occur each year hereafter following OPA’s Annual General Meeting in June.

SAC Student Representatives for 2021/22

Student representatives will work on behalf of the student body with representatives from OPA who will act as Chair and Secretary to SAC.

Michelle Asselin

Co-Vice-Chair (UW)

Julia Giannini

Co-Vice-Chair (U of T)

Simran Sharma

U of T 2022 Class Representative

Caitlin Lovick

UW 2022 Class Representative & Co-Communications Director

Megan Reis

UW 2023 Class Representative

Katarina Pessina

U of T 2023 Class Representative & Co-Communications Director

Rosa Chen

UW 2024 Class Representative

Bessie Xue

U of T 2024 Class Representative

Godwin Chan SAC
Godwin Chan

U of T 2025 Class Representative

Sydney Ricciuto

UW 2025 Class Representative

All pharmacy student members of the OPA are encouraged to reach out to their representatives with any questions, concerns, or comments by emailing the team at [email protected].