Diabetes Charter for Canada

People with diabetes often experience challenges that can be addressed with the appropriate support from governments and other diabetes stakeholders. The Diabetes Charter for Canada provides statements that clearly outline what people with diabetes can and should expect from themselves and others in the diabetes community. The document confirms the rights and responsibilities of people living with diabetes, governments, service providers, employers, schools, preschools, daycares, and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Specifically, the Charter can and will be used as an advocacy tool to speak to policy makers and to promote optimal care for people living with diabetes; to increase awareness by stimulating dialogue about issues important to people with diabetes; to provide focus for the enhancement of supports for people living with diabetes; to highlight public policy concerns (e.g., poverty, food security, and food environment) that have an impact on the self-management of people living with diabetes; and to assess and report on the quality and accessibility of diabetes care, education, programs and services, medications, and more. These indicators will enable performance reporting in all jurisdictions.

For more information or to sign the Charter, click here.

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