MedsCheck Success Stories

The MedsCheck program is having a positive impact on the lives of Ontarians, from young university students on campus to older adults living at home.

Click on the links below to read about some of Ontario's MedsCheck success stories.

MedsCheck: How one Ontario pharmacist is changing lives
When Joe Walsh has a day off, it’s not uncommon to find him in the home of a patient reviewing medications and helping him or her better understand their medication therapy. Walsh is the proud owner of Walsh’s Pharmacy, a family-owned business that has been operating in the small community of Arthur for the past 60 years.

Balancing stress with multiple medications: A Queens University pharmacist helps students
Being a student can present a lot of challenges: balancing classes with a part-time job and social life, lack of sleep, exhaustion, student loans, and the stress that these challenges may cause. Add to this the need to take multiple medications for a chronic illness, and a student’s day gets that much harder.

My Med Review Mondays
As a new practitioner and advocate for patient-centred care, I always welcome the opportunity to conduct MedsChecks at Home.  The patients I visit are always very welcoming – if you’ve never performed a med review on a patient’s patio with a homemade cup of coffee, I highly recommend it – and it’s great to know I’m making a positive difference in their lives and well-being.

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