What patients say

“I would like to thank Hogan Pharmacy, and especially Karen Riley, for taking time to talk to me about the medications that I was taking. Karen went over all the medication I was taking and thought I should talk to my family doctor about some of them. She gave me a report from Health Canada on one of the drugs I was taking. It showed that the long-term daily use of this drug increased risk of high-grade prostate cancer. I was on this drug for over four years. I took this information to my family doctor, who sent me to Dr. Ramirez who did a needle biopsy and found I had prostate cancer. Dr. Ramirez sent me to Victoria Hospital in London, where I started seven weeks (35 treatments) of radiation therapy. I go back to Victoria Hospital in March for a PSA test. I would like to thank Karen again for taking the time to talk to me about the medication I was taking. Thank you.”

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