OPA Professional Development Bundles

Save more than $500 now by adding a professional development bundle to your membership purchase! You’ll get access to five of OPA’s most popular programs in each bundle. Choose as many bundles as you like.

Professional Development Clinical Bundle ($117.50 +tax) (save $235)

Stay up-to-date on point-of-care testing and cardiovascular health, or learn about the latest in women’s health or oral anticoagulation.

Professional Development Operational Bundle ($110 +tax) (save $220)

The OPA Operational Bundle will raise your knowledge on the key operations impacting pharmacy today. Stay current with sessions on non-sterile compounding and wearable technology. Learn more about pharmacists’ expansion of scope, how to complete an audit, and how you can benefit from enhancing your personal brand.

Professional Development Pharmacy Technician Bundle ($100 +tax) (save $270)

The OPA Pharmacy Technician Bundle will raise your knowledge on the key elements of pharmacy required for pharmacy technicians. Keep up-to-date on common drug interactions, learn about wearable technology cannabis and how your personal brand can help you raise your profile.

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