Biologics and Biosimilars - An Introductory Education Program for Pharmacists

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Biologics and biosimilars are revolutionary drugs that assist in the management of many chronic conditions that pharmacists see in their patients. This online professional development program gives participants a foundation-level awareness and understanding of biologics and biosimilars and their role in patient care. Additionally, the differences between innovator biologics and biosimilars are reviewed, as well as the implications of changing between biologics and biosimilars through case discussions.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

Introduction to biologics and biosimilars

  • Discuss the history of biologics
  • Briefly describe how biologics are manufactured
  • Identify the root of differences between innovator biologics and Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEBs)
  • Explain how SEBs and innovator biologics are named using INN
  • Describe the differences between generic drugs and SEBs

Considerations when dispensing biologics and biosimilars

  • Understand Health Canada’s regulation of biosimilars
  • Understand the limitations in interchangeability of biologics and biosimilars
  • Understand the implications of changing between biologics and biosimilars

Case Presentation

  • Understand the implications of the introduction of biosimilars for etanercept using a case-based learning approach



  • 4.00

CCCEP File #: 

  • 8003-2018-2328-I-P

Expiry Date: 

  • Jan 31, 2019

Learning Format: 

  • 3 online modules (3 hours)

Online Modules:

  • Introduction to biologics and biosimilars 
  • Consideration when dispensing biologics and biosimilars
  • Case Presentation

Learner Assessment:

  • Multiple choice assessment

This program is made possible through the support of Merck Canada Inc. The opinions expressed in this material are those of the authors ad do not necessarily reflect the views of Merck Canada Inc.

Program Completion

To receive the letter of completion for this program, participants will be required to complete the following requirements prior to Jan 30, 2019: 

  1. Complete the program’s online modules (instructions will be emailed to you separately after registration).
  2. Complete the multiple-choice exam and achieve a score of 70 per cent or more within a maximum of two attempts.
  3. Complete the program’s evaluation.

Please note that access to this program is provided until Jan 30, 2019.


Biologics and Biosimilars - An Introductory Education Program for Pharmacists Program is for hospital and community pharmacists who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the role of biologics and biosimilars in patient care. There are no pre-requisites for this program.

Subject Matter Experts: 

  • Leigh Revers, Director and Associate Professor (MA, DPhil)
  • Carolyn Whiskin, RPh, NCMP (BscPhm)
  • Amar El-Khatib, RPh (BScPhm, BSc)
  • Nancy Simonot, RPh (BScPhm)


I would highly recommend this well-designed program on biologics and subsequent entry biologics (SEBs) to both my pharmacist colleagues and my interprofessional HCP colleagues. Having paid close attention to the details presented in these modules, I feel I am better able to have conversations about biologics and SEBs with my colleagues and patients. As such, I feel I will be a better pharmacist in that I can proactively recommend biologics where appropriate, and I can help care for my patients by being cognizant of the nuances of biologic therapy, including caring for my patients on an individualized basis. (Susie Jin, Pharmacy 101, Cobourg, Ontario)

This is the first OPA online module I completed, and it certainly will not be the last. It met my expectations and provided me with reliable and practical knowledge on SEBs. I look forward to future OPA-held modules. (Roshan Tahavori, RPh. Hospital for Sick Children Toronto, ON)

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